The switching services we provide for electricity & gas are completely free of charge . You may ask how: the answer is Switch UK Online are paid a finder's fee once you the client is happy with the proposal. The finder’s fee is paid to us by the organisations you elect through our proposals, so you will never receive an invoice or bill from us for switching to another utility provider. We may recommend that you stay with your own supplier on a cheaper tariff. We will explore all the possibilities for your business.

We will present you with a no obligation quotation , for your consideration and review. This will show exactly where savings can be made, not only in monetary value, but also by unit price, enabling you and your business to budget accurately for the future.

Energy Solutions For Businesses With Poor Credit

At Switch UK Online we can help customers who are struggling to get a competitive energy contract due to their credit score. As a newly formed company, you may be asked for large security deposits. We have key suppliers that can offer very competitive gas & electricity pricing.

Connections & Meter Installs

If you have moved into business premises and need a meter installed, our connections team work with a number of key energy suppliers, and will secure the best price for you.

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