Water deregulation is here in the UK

What will it mean to your business?

The recent introduction of competition means that you can now compare water and sewerage suppliers throughout UK. These businesses compete with each other to supply water and sewerage services. We can help identify the right supplier that not only delivers the keenest prices, but also the best service levels tailored to each business. We make this process simple, straight forward with no hassle.

This long overdue change is good news for the consumer and offers a variety of benefits including:

  • More value for money/consolidated billing
  • Increased customer choice
  • Improved service provision
  • Stimulates innovation from the water suppliers
  • Drives more sustainable approaches to managing resources to become a more water efficient business.

Switching could not be easier. To explore changing water/waste suppliers, all that is required is information regarding location, current supplier and account/meter number and a letter of authority.


First step - reclaiming historic overcharges

Before switching suppliers, it is prudent to address any historical overcharges. With some claims reaching back as far as 5-6 years under Scottish and English statute of limitation. Additionally, it is wise to verify all current allowances have been optimised from existing supplier. The new supplier may offer you better rates of supply but only the same current level of allowances/discounts. We specialise in reclaiming any outstanding overcharges and optimising ongoing allowances. This will help strengthen your position and put you in a ready state to negotiate better rates.



All we will need is your authorisation to analyse all current billing so we can rectify overcharges, apply for refunds and update all allowances. Our fee structure for the above ( ) is solely dependent upon our success…. no proven results, no fee. If we are successful in making a claim our fee for this is usually 50% of any removal of charges, proven savings and refunds.

The following areas of your current billing will be thoroughly checked:

  • Consumption profiling – identifying irregularities
  • Leak detection & repair - savings/refunds
  • Meter verification and downsizing - savings
  • Surface water & highway drainage charges - savings/refund
  • Water supply and non-return to sewer allowances - savings/refund
  • Trade effluent strength and volume allowances - savings/refund
  • Replicated charging and incorrectly applied VAT - savings/refund
  • Water usage summary and brief report

Next step - switching suppliers and further savings

To discover how much your business can save on a supplier cost comparison, all you need to do is supply a recent water/sewerage bill along with our letter of authority

Download Letter of Authority

We will do the rest through to completion. If after assessing all of the other companies you find that you are satisfied with your existing supplier, there is no obligation to change.

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